Bajaj Allianz General Insurance’s New Campaign Will Compel You To Choose ‘Sum Insured’ Amount WiselyBajaj Allianz General Insurance has released its new campaign with a film titled- Kum Padega! And it is exactly what needs to be seen by the audience.The aim of this campaign is to make people understand the importance of choosing an adequate sum insured amount for their Health Insurance policies.The brand has effectively communicated the significance of selecting the appropriate sum insured amount while purchasing health insurance policies by showcasing relatable scenarios from daily life. By highlighting the importance of choosing the right size, amount, quantity, and number in everyday situations, the message encourages audiences to consider the same level of careful consideration when choosing their insurance coverage. Overall, the campaign successfully conveys the critical role that the sum insured amount plays in ensuring comprehensive and adequate health coverage. As a part of this campaign, the brand has launched a video that features different daily life incidents which lead to discomfort because of not selecting adequate items.The first incident in the videos involves a typical guy-meets-girl moment. The girl feels cold and the guy in a bid to make her comfortable takes a jacket out of his bag. Surprisingly, the size of the jacket is very small for the girl to wear.

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